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  • Stripping Chrome

    I want to build a set of exhaust pipes for my bike using pices of old chrome pipes.
    In order to TIG weld the pieces together I'll need to strip off a half inch or so of the old chrome - right ?
    According to Casswell Plating this can be done by reversing the chroming process.
    As much as I would like to buy one of their $500. chroming kits it's just not in the budget.
    From what I can figure out it involves a 'weak' muratic acid solution, a stainless steel electrode, and a power source.
    Has anyone out there done this ?
    Will a battery charger work as the power source ? Amperage ?
    Attach the pipes to + ? or - ?
    Use muratic acid like from Home Depot for etching concrete ?
    Any guidance would be appreciated before I go out to the shop
    and burn down the neighborhood and blind myself in the process.

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    Nitric acid will disolve chrome without using electricity. I learned that from a gunsmith who dechromed bores to lengthen forcing cones.
    Electroplating chrome off would be nothing different than plating it on, with the exception of polarity. You'd just need the correct electrolyte solution and a receptive nickle cathode. It might even work using a copper cathode since you really don't care where the chrome goes, or how well it adheres.