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Metal bending brake page 5

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  • Metal bending brake page 5

    This drawing is the clamp leaf for bending 1/8" material. If you want to bend 3/16" material you have to make a second part and change the 1 3/8" dimension to 1 5/16". There are a couple of other peices that get welded to this . However, I do not have a drawing of them. There just peices to help stiffen this flat bar up. What I will do for them is point them out in pictures that I post from the machine that I will try and build on 9- 20 and 9-21 so that you guys can see what this looks like for real.

    Sorry, the material that this is made from didn t show up very well on the picture. It is 3/8" X 3" flat bar.

    Also, If you have been printing these out , I made a mistake on page 3a the 9 1/8" was wrong it is suppose to be 9". I changed it on the drawing and reposted it. So the 3a drawing on this site now has the 9" dimension on the attachment. If you want to use 1/4" thick material for the part on page one then the 9 1/8" dimension is what you want.
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    Finished Picture of Brake

    I know you are going thru alot of trouble and we appreciate it. Can't wait to see the picture of the completed Brake!
    It's not an optical just looks like one