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    This is our Hobart Mega Arc 500 field welding machine on a carriage I designed and built. We have three of them. Oxy-Acetylene rig is on the back. 300 feet of 480v cable o the reel.

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    The spool on the top of your unit is what I am trying to make. Is that a constant connect? or do you have to disconnect before rolling and unrolling? Thanks!



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      You'll notice the black spot just above the axle. That's the receptical...Hubbel twistlock. It is mounted in a bracket on the other side. Yeah, you have to plug it in each time, but it also serves to keep the reel from unrolling as you travel. There is also a brake made from a 3/4" bolt and spring that rubs on the reel side so it won't get away from you as you roll the cable out. The plug to the machine is that one hanging to the left.


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        Hey Rocky D,Who picked the color?I think there is a message there somewhere!!
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          Originally posted by Brand X
          Hey Rocky D,Who picked the color?I think there is a message there somewhere!!
          Funny you should ask...there's a story behind that.....we have several departments that use various types of carts and they wanted them color-coded, so someone could tell whose department the cart came from when it was blocking an aisle or something like that. My boss wanted our carts, & oxy acetylene rigs all safety yellow. Some other depts colors were blue, and orange, red and gray, as I recall. I cam remember having to search all over the 65 acre plant to find an O/A cart, that somebody had left on the job site after the weekend. That's why they were yellow.