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  • Estimates

    Looking for guidelines to estimate various fabricating jobs. Any books or software anyone reccomends?
    Have you inventoried your property today?

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    when i estimate a job i sketch it and add all material then i markup material 50% , figure about how long to build , multiply by hourly shop rate .


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      Thanks Frankie. What is the average shop rate in your area?
      Have you inventoried your property today?


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        I asked the whole "average rate" question a few months ago and got very few responses ,It's not like i was tryin to undercut anyone,i was just curious how it differs across the country is all.


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          Here in Central California, we get $35 - $45 per hour on average.
          Uncle Dannie
          Hobart Handler 135


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            our shop rate is currently $40 per hr.
            our mobile rate is 40 with a three hr minimun
            we will be going up to 50 hr within the next 3 months


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              My shop rate is $30 and the mobile is $50 with a 1 hour minimum.I think the shop rate is gonna go up a little.

              Now let me ask you this,are you charging extra for aluminum?how much?

              To keep this on topic and answer the original question,I figure out material costs,figure my time multiplied by my rate + any weres from 10-25% on top of that depending on how comfortable i am with my time estimate.So far i have been really close on the time thing.I don't mark up materials and deal almost exclusivly with one of the cheapest steel yards in the state and pass on the savings to the customer.


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                I don't do aluminum. YET , but I think a little higher estimate would be in order. At least I would expect to pay more myself. The reason I asked is that I heard a comment from a guy that works for a big company. They were getting bids for from fabricating, about a $5000 job, and all bids came within $500 of each other. Seems they were all reading from the same book or something. Thanks for all the response so far.
                Have you inventoried your property today?


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                  Hello, I created job estimate sheets that I use for each job. The sheets contain every aspect for a finish job.

                  1) Design & Layout
                  2) Saw cutting
                  3) Drilling
                  4) Fixturing
                  5) Fitting & Tacking
                  6) Welding
                  7) Grinding
                  8) Machining
                  9) Stress Relieving
                  10) Sand blasting
                  11) Cleaning & Painting

                  Total Hours x's rate

                  I figure out hours for job x rate + materials + vended materials
                  I also add say % to materials and vended parts.
                  Rates I charge depend on complexity of job.

                  Tool Welding 55.00 Hour
                  Sheet metal guarding or ducting 55.00
                  Precision Brazing 55.00
                  Production welding per pc. part to be 55.00 or better
                  Fabrication ( simple ) 35.00 - 55.00

                  Also definitely work your vendors for the best prices you can get. I have made calls to all of mine working them again and again and all I'm goona say is they can and will move your prices to keep your business.

                  Last edited by Jerry; 05-04-2003, 09:28 PM.
                  Jerry Streets
                  J P Streets Welding LLC


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                    shop and field rate is $55/hr (can). extra for hard surfacing. minimum is 2 hrs. its not cut and dry about materials......depends on quantity (percent added i mean). i usually add 30 %. I have a breakdown list like jp streets. your rate shouldnt be so concerned with what everyone else charges. youre rate should reflect your operating costs, ie; consumables, hrly rate for each machinery, insurances, workmans comp...etc


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                      Yup, thats what we get $55- residential 2 hour min.
                      $65- commercial 2 hour min

                      I get extra for emergencey repairs (Snow Plows) they run about $125- and again there is a 2 hour min what this is for is to break away from one job to respond to the emergencey, or in the event it is after hours.

                      Shop work runs about $45- an hour

                      Materail mark up is %33 that includes all cumsumables.

                      No matteer how you bill some will pay you no questions, others will hem and haw and complain sometimes you just cant win.

                      Good Luck
                      Tyng Ent


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                        Our field rates are:

                        In California- Welders $75/hr straight time, $100 overtime
                        Welders helpers $53 st, $73 ot
                        Other states- Pipe Welders $65 st, $82 ot
                        Helpers $26 to $40 st, $34 to $58 ot

                        Structural Welders $57 st, $72 ot

                        4 hr minimum
                        .40/mile travel, both ways
                        rate + gas & extra consumables for any TIG welding
                        Rate includes a certified welder, welding rig with machine, torch & hand tools.
                        Equipment such as fork lift ect. I bill at the rental rate + 15%
                        Material I bill at cost + 15 to 20%.



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                          Whatever you decide to bill don't forget the little guy that can be a pain in the butt and not know what he realy wants.

                          On the other hand also remember the guy (like me in the past before I had a welder). that brings somethig simple in and says 'can you weld this together for $20-25 bucks' In my last case it was an exhaust pipe I had cut off a precat that I had knocked the stuff out of. I had indexed it and everything for the guy ahead of time. $20 and 5 minutes later both of us were happy.


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                            Yeh your right, when I get a local guy who needs a little weld I'll ask him what its worth. The other day retired guy came in with a shute from chipper all cracked, I welded it and said see ya later buddy.

                            But usually 99.9% I'm dealing with area businesses not the general public.
                            Jerry Streets
                            J P Streets Welding LLC


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                              Originally posted by Jerry
                              Yeh your right, when I get a local guy who needs a little weld I'll ask him what its worth. The other day retired guy came in with a shute from chipper all cracked, I welded it and said see ya later buddy.

                              But usually 99.9% I'm dealing with area businesses not the general public.
                              Jerry, I have had a couple of sheetmetal shops do things for me very reasonable. The last project was a solid cover to replace the fresh air vent on three General Body Chevy powered tool trucks. I gave him an accurate drawing of what we needed and he told me to see him in a week. He cut and radiused the corners on all three pieces and told me there was no charge, that the job was more than it was worth. Wouldn't let me buy him lunch or accept any tools. Seems like many small shops respect the DIY guy who needs a little help.