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  • Iris Gate

    This is a walkway gate and fence that I made for the sister-in-law.

    Now the wife has her "orders" in for her gate. I think I've put it off way too long.

    If I can't get the picture attached you can go here to see it.

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    That's a beautiful gate. Hope the wifes not looking over my shoulder or she would put in her order


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      I like it .


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        Very very nice. I would imagine that if any of our wives were to see that picture we will have another project added to our list real quick.


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          if the wife wants it give it to her....that way you can justify new my case i don't have one so i just go get them
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            Very nice! Did you do the blacksmithing or are the parts stamped?


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              Steve that is a beauriful piece of craftsmanship!
              Do you have plans for it, that you could post?

              Duke, it's good to see you back here...I thought a pile of rebar fell on ya!


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                Real nice work, must have taken some time to complete.

                I like the detail of the flowers.



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                  STEVER...........AH MAN THAT IS NICE...............HOW LONG DID IT TAKE TO PUT THAT TOGETHER............................ROCK........
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                    Thanks for the comments! The leaves, snail, dragonfly and all the other parts are hand forged. Blacksmith techniques. Coal fire, tongs, hammer and anvil. Everything was welded together with mig. It is painted Charleston green, three parts black and one part green.

                    The frame is 2"x2"x1/8" and the posts are 3"x3"x1/4". The pickets are 1/2" square and are forged to a tapered point. The neat thing about it was that the picket points/finials all came out about the same.

                    That gate and the fence, which is only five feet long, took me five months of evenings and weekends. I had never built a gate like that one, but I am getting the materials together to start the wife's gate.


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                      Great looking gate! If ya build a few projects for the wife every now and then she can't ***** too much about the time ya spend in the shop or the money you spend on tools. Sometimes I can even get her to buy stuff for me.
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                        Originally posted by ChadRat
                        Sometimes I can even get her to buy stuff for me.
                        If you have any documentation on how to accomplish this I sure would like to study it

                        - jack


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                          Morpheus, do you want details of gate building or blacksmithing?

                          If you want blacksmithing information it can be found at

                          Blacksmith's and metal worker on-line reference. Questions answered daily by the Guru and his nationaly known assistant gurus.

                          Since I completed the gate I have constructed a propane gas forge that is smokeless and has no smell, compared to the coal forge. Keeps the nieghbors happy. It also does not burn the metal like the coal forge can. This thing is great for heating, bending and forging.

                          Presently I'm building a treadle hammer. It's a foot operated hammer with a 75 pound hammer head. If I can get the picture attachment to work I'll show you some pictures of the construction.


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                            Jack, there is no manual for it. If ya make enough stuff for her then the next thing ya know she is at the welding shop using her credit card to buy ya a plasma cutter.
                            Art is dangerous!


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                              That is one nice gate! I, for one, would love to see the photos of the hammer. I do a lot of wroughtiron work, and the hammer sounds intriqing.
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