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    I am going to build one of those portable welding tables that were pictured in a previous post. My question is...If I build a shelf underneath the table for the welder to sit on, do I need to have the welder insulated from the table (such as on a piece of wood)?
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    you do need to isolate the welder from the project you are working on. If you are welding a project on a metal table, do not put the welder on the same table. You might be able to get away with it, BUT you might also damage your welder.


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      I'm no professional welder but i've seen friends with welding tables with the welder sitting under it. Most welders have rubber feet so that's where the isolation comes from ... not that I'd do it or recommend doing it but they seem to not be having any probs with it. I think you'd probably be safe but I think there's always the possibility to let the magic smoke out of the welder doing that ... good luck.

      - jack