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  • New Welder Cart

    You guy made so much fun at my previous welder cart, that I decided to build a better one. I didn't take the time to photograph every step, mainly cause I designed it as I went. Normally, I draw everything out to scale first, so that I can correct mistakes on paper, first, but this time, because of some convoluted angles, I didn't. So what you will see is the as-welded product, all loaded up. I will try, if it doesn't rain tomorrow, to get more pictures of it unloaded.

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    ...another angle..right front


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      Left front


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        left rear


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          Close up of the grinder rack


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            Close up of the hinged tray...I had to make it hinged so that I can get at the grab handle on the welder. I tiied to think of all the tools I use in most jobs and build a place for them on the cart, that will be easy to reach...I forever using a tool one minute, and then the next, it dissapears.

            I have two quad outlets, one mounted underneath the welder shelf, to plug the machines into, and the other on the front to plug the grinders into and any other tool I might be using.

            I didn't have room for the kitchen sink, tho


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              You have the exact same equipment I do! Looks like a **** nice cart....
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                Rocky D,

                maybe some goof off will clean up all that graffiti on that welder?


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                  New Cart

                  Rocky D

                  Nice cart I don't have plasma yet but hopefully it will fit on the cart I just built. I should of planned for that. I like the way you have the three different grinders set up for different jobs. Good work!

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                    Nice cart, you and I think on the same lines, why bend down to get anything. I too add the tray tops for my gringer and what such saves on the back.

                    The only defferance from mine is I like to angle the machines so you can acess the connectors and the controls with out moving around much.

                    Real nice set up.



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                      Ok Rocky....looks like I need to build a new stand when I order my new plasma cutter....Great job on that cart. Do you mind if I copy it...???)


                      BTW..which plamsa cutter is that?
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                        Rocky, nice cart; simle design, strong and not over-built. Two comments:

                        How do you like the Milwaukee grinder?

                        Isn't it about time to get a 21st Century hood?


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                          Rocky, I'd ignore that nasty comment about the 21st century hood, and spend the money one of those fancy hoods cost on a pair of gear motors. You could mount 1 on each rear wheel and make that cart self propelled.
                          I'd love to have all that open floor space.


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                            Nice cart Rocky. Seem to be short a few safety guards on the grinders thou.
                            Snidley :}
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                              ROCKYD...........AH THAT WOULD BE THE AUTOGRAPHED VERSION OF THE HANDLER............. NICE LAYOUT...............NICE SET UP..............HAVE SOME FUN WITH IT NOW..................ROCK [email protected]