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Tree Snip box reinforcement

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  • Tree Snip box reinforcement

    On my original tree snip post it was suggested I reinforce the box that the stationary blade with gusset is attached to. Here is the tacked-up reinforcement before insertment. I drilled a hole through the tubing, top & bottom, so water doesn't accumalate.
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    Here it is inside the box ready to weld in place.
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      I gotta comment on this one. I remember reading the threads on this project and it was a good job. I think you might have overshot the need for complexity for the improvement was. We kinda thought you would have took some 1/4th plate and plug welded in from the end about 3 inches or so. I am not sure it would have been a problem at that stress level anyway but if enough stress repeatedly it might have sprung some. Your improvement is great,,, but probably way overkill for that load. In logging equipment you can see failures from undersizing but the average backyard fabricator builds way too well. That thing you made is very strong,,, just too much,,,, sumptin was goin on there, maybe if I drink a couple beers it will make some sense.


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        Sberry 27, I sense you're right about being over built. The great thing about frabricating things yourself is you can do that. This is left over from growing up on a farm in northern Indiana where an uncle made a lot of unique machinary. The recurrent lesson was you had to make it stronger than you thought necessary. Also this is a compensation for marginal welding skills I even added 4 gussets between that main box piece shown and the vertical pieces. The vertical welds are an embaressment


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          in my experience w/ working for and with farmers is that over kill is lest with the ones i worked for and with they load a truck to capacity then top it off...seen weight slips on truck for 10 ton come in at 14 long as they take it easy you can get away with it but you got to figure in a field isn't so smooth and it takes it's toll on an overloaded truck.........................god bless the farmer
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