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    Need a few tips guys. I can not get my pictures to come out anywhere close to the quality I see on the board here. Try as might. My 35mm and scanner just do not seem to cut it.
    I am guessing most of you are using a digital camera. If so what type of camera should a person be looking at? I understand that the more pixels has the better the photo, but how good is good enough?

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    Just this past winter, I made the switch from a small full auto 35mm camera to a digital piece. Most all the 35mm images would come out, but the ones that gave me the biggest troubles were real close up "macro" work.

    My new camera is a Fuji FinePix 2800Z which is a entry/mid leve 2 megapixel camera with a nice 6x optical zoom. This camera retails for approx. $350 and does all I need it to do.

    If you do a search under the projects forum, look for topics under my username titled something like "trailer project" or trailer project update".



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      You should be able to scan a picture and get the quality of the image on the computer screen to look as good as the photo does.

      I forget the exact numbers as I don't scan many photos anymore, since I got a digital camera. But if you set your scanning resolution to something like 80 or 100 dpi [if that is the right term for scanners] you should get a good image for display on your computer screen or for posting somewhere.

      If you go too low on the dpi of the scan you wll not get a good image. If you go too high on the dpi of the scan you will get a good image but the file will be large and exceed the capability of the computer to display it, so the extra size is wasted unless you want to print the image.

      This worked for me in the past. Someone else here may speak with more authority on this, but at least this should be a starting point.

      Good luck...

      Near Pgh, PA


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        I have a 1.3 mega-pixel Sony Mavica FD88 that takes a floppy disk for media. I just pop it into the drive and download to a photo manager called ACDSee 5.0 It has an add-on that lets me optimize the picture, which makes the pictures smaller in file size, but not in physical size. I always shoot in 640 x 480. ACDSee is available for download on the net.