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    I made this slide in utility box thing for my truck so I would not have to drill any holes I my bed or on the rails. It works very well for what I do (Mainly wrought Iron Repairs) . I thought it might be useful info for some of the other smaller time weldors. It has a 2x2 frame with x members and the floor and the boxes are made out of 11 ga. its 4' wide and is the length of the bed. The boxes are 18" tall and 13" wide one box is 4' and one is 3'. It attaches to the stock bed tie down hooks . I used turnbuckels to tie it in......JPC

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    I just set the boxes on the trailer on the weekends when I do not need the equipment. The whole project from steel to paint cost 225.00 and a day and a half to make. here is one more pic.


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      very nice work and good design to keep the goodies out of the elements and out of thieves hands.

      - jack


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        Neat box! How do you get it in and out of the truck? Is the truck a flatbed and you slide it onto the flatbed?
        Bill C
        "The more I learn about welding the more I find there is to learn..."


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          BillC the slide in unit is made for a stock short bed pick up 1/2 -3/4 ton. Slides in between wheel wells and stays put. I use two chain hoists to drop it in and remove it. Most people think it is a ton but totally loaded, champ 10000,mm175,Lincoln100,spectrum thunder,Misc,grinders,cords,o/a tanks ect. it was 1403.5


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            JPC, that is just too cool!