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    Because I'm basicly lazy by nature, and because I wasn't satisfyed with the grade I could accomplish with the FEL on the tractor, and what I could do with the backblade wasn't much of an improvement, I decided to make something better.
    Having seen the advantage of a long wheelbase on a grader, I decided to check available inventory in the iron pile. I had a rear end from a Plymouth Duster, 4 feet of 18" I beam, and about 12 feet of 6" I beam that weren't doing anything, and a bent 7 foot snow plow, so I had at it.
    The blade has 5 positions of rotation, accomplished by shifting the pin controlling the bellcrank and can adjust for angle to ground by adjusting an old load binder mounted between the blade and support neck. I would have used hydraulics for both adjustment, but I didn't have them available.
    When towed from the drawbar attached to the 3 point on the tractor, grade can be held within half an inch.
    I've also cut a couple drainage swails by tilting the blade and making multiple cuts. The main problem cutting swails is the lack of sufficient weight on the rear end to keep the wheels on the ground when cutting deep, so multiple passes are necessary.

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    I need that!
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      How about some more pics from different angles. I sure could use one of those to keep the roads in shape at the mother-in-law's campground.
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        I like that,, great way to clean up the scrap pile also, put it on wheels. Good design work.


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          Rear detail


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            Neck detail


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              Tilt adjust & blade mount


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                I'm not sure about lazy but your creative as all hexx


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                  tow grader

                  I have been maintaining a 1/2 mile gravel road for my business for years. I have always wanted an old tow grader, but have never been able to find one, I never gave building one a thought!
                  Lets see, I've got some lengths of 6 and 12 inch heavy wall pipe, an old Jeep rear axel wih good tires, I wonder if I could center mount my 3 pt. back blade underneath the frame, hmmm??
                  Good onya!!

                  P.S. Roller is cool too!

                  P.P.S. Mud season stinks!