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    Hello Everyone, when I got this beast it was a 1955 HOBART GW-222, now all it is is a Wisconsin engine. Anyone know what I could do with it ? It runs great the generator was shot eveything had been weathered and all the wood insulators were rotten. I bought it for $25 , The people who had it did not know anything about the machine,when they bought there house it came with.

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    does anyone need a machine like this for anything I will sell it to who ever needs it. Take it thats right Free...JPC, Broke my finger once and got stiches once I dont need it. If you are intrested ask rock what it is, he found all the info before for me...JPC


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      I used to have an old Wisconsin engine that I got at a military surplus shop a few years ago. Took it all apart and cleaned it up real good with 'Purple Power' and put it back together. It didn't run and the only thing I could figure out was that I might have demagnatized the magneto when I took it apart so I eventually sold it. It was a 16 hp. 4 cyl. and looked like a small Volkswagen engine. I don't know what it came off of, mabe a generator or something like that.