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  • NOT another welding cart

    Well shoot, somebody's gotta post something else. This is the wofe's gardening dump trailer. She pulls it behind a Ford 120 garden tractor, and may eventually learn to back it into place.
    Body is a 275 gal. heating oil tank laid sideways. <use appropriate precautions>
    Being naturally lazy, I build trailers upside down, and this was built that way too. After attaching the frame to the tank, and axel and toung, along with winch operated linkage, wheels were installed and the whole trailer was pulled out of the shop and turned on its wheels.
    One side of the tank was removed, and the edges were pulled into position. Tank was filled with Co2 prior to and during cutting.
    Edges were reenforced with angle iron.
    The welded seam along the back end was cut, and the end was hinged for dumping.
    The winch will allow about 1500# to be dumped, or 500 when the wife cranks the handle.
    This trailer has been test driven by the wife for 3 years now, and no improvement requests have been submitted.
    Yup, it will get pressure washed and repainted after phosphoric acid treatment this summer. No, she won't do the painting, I asked.

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    Picture Didn't Post

    Maybe it will work this time


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      She uses that? She have any sisters?


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        franzbilt .... that's a nice touch !

        - jack


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          Yes, she has a sister, 54 and SINGLE, can we say spinster, lives in Williamsport Pa, and you don't want to go there.

          Yes, she pulls that trailer, she makes me pull the big one, 4 yard, and mulch and chip her 1500 square feet of flower gardens.


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            Yes, I was hoping for cute, rich and early 30 something, that can say Home Depot better than Neihman Marcus and insists on buying power tools for every occasion.