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  • Building a boiler

    I'm building a boiler for my (someday) 23ft steam launch.
    It will be a dry back scotch marine wood,coal or oil fired boiler, with approx 40 to 50sqft of heating surface. Should produce about 200lbs of saturated steam/hr at 150p.s.i. guage. I'll be using A106 grade seamless carbon steel pipe or possably A335 seamless ferritic alloy material. Tube sheets will be A515 plate or suitable alloy material and the tubes will be expanded annealed copper. All fittings to boiler will be forged weldable couplings or open root sch 80 nipples tig welded using 70S series filler wire or 6010 root 7018 fill and cap. Tube sheets will use same prep and welding procedure. This will all fall in line with ASME codes. Stress relieving not required per ASME specifications. This vessel will be fabricated with a 5:1 safety factor designed in. It will be hydrostatically tested at 1.5 times MAWP (max allowable working pressure).
    Since this boiler will be used in a marine application and it is not a commercial carrying vessel over 40 ft, it is exempt of all Coast Guard and ASME building codes. I plan to follow these codes however where ever applicable.

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    Keep us posted with sounds like a facinating project!


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      What about your engine? Single expansion, compound, triple expan, uniflo, what size?
      Like to hear about your hull as well!
      v. cool!!