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  • 6011 woes

    hello again expert welders. I posted a question a while back about 6011 and 6013 rods and recieved some helpful replies. But I'm back again. I've been practicing with the 2 rods and seem to be getting the hang of the 6013 but my 6011 stuff is still just plain ugly. Is there someone who could post a picture of a correct bead or 2 using the 6011 rod? I have some 3/32" stuff I've been using on some small (less then 1/8") angle iron without much success. I'm still not confident enough to break out the stick welder at work, I'm sticking with the mig for now.

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    6011 is a fast freeze rod and the 13 is a fill freeze. They are both whip and pause rods. The 11 is more agressive and since it freezes faster it doesnt have he nice appearance of the 13 but if the whips are a little faster and closer together it helps. Sorry I dont have pics, maybe someone else does.


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      6011 is more for dirty oly nasty looking stuff. Or as They one that tought me to weld. 6011 was a hair welding rod. It gave welds that were big and hairy but strong as a Bull. 6011 burns hotter and pops a bit more as its trying to burn through rust or dirt , paint , Ect.

      6013 is more of clean like beauty rods. LOL Wow Have not seen a Beauty Rod in a long time! there great for filling in holes or working on thinner stuff.

      Sorry No Pic to show ya. Maybe this weekend I'lll pull the Old stick welder out and buzz a few off and see if I can get them on line.

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