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  • Profitable things to build?

    I was looking into making a little money on ths die with my welder since welding is a hobby -

    I'm not expecting to get rich, just to help fund my equipment and etc.

    What are good profitable projects?

    Go Karts?

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    If you say it is a hobby, expect it to stay as such I'd imagine. Most good paying jobs will require certifications, and most odd jobs won't pay much.

    If there was any money to be made, my bet would be in headers and intakes for import cars. Buy a good one, make some dimensional copies and fire up eBay. I'd just enjoy the work your neighbours will soon find for you, they always do.
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      A couple of things to watch out for:

      1) If you start doing your hobby for money you risk turning your hobby into work.

      2) Don't do anything where there might be liability issues if your welds fail. You might be the best welder in the world, but if there would be liablity issues if your welds fail, you just have to carry liability insurance for that.

      With #2 in mind, I would consider go carts a no, Exhaust headers is probably okay although im sure that many here can come up with scenarios for almost anything.



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        I think ornamental iron fences and gates,also garden items such as a trellis or garden sculptures are good projects to sell at flea markets.


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          Anyone out there pound out a product for a living? I have to think that on this board someone would be support themselves with an object they weld. 'course, they ain't gonna tell YOU they's gettin' rich on fireplace pokers... Don't need the competition.



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            What do you consider a little money? I know guys (semi-hobbyists) who put about two-three solid weekends into ornamental coffee tables, then sell the things for around $400. They seem happy with it. I know I wouldn't be tho.

            I'd have to agree with everyone else here tho ... you risk ruining your hobby when you start making money with it. I know I did.
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              I'm also a hobby welder and I've made picnic tables and BBQ pits out of old hot water heaters. I'm in the Army and I would always sell these two items on post like hotcakes. I'm currently deployed and I really miss welding but I should be home in about 3 months. I can't wait to start welding again.
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                Welding a great hobby... tough livin' , (but great folks and mostly fun). Read an article where a Cessna 170 had the exhaust header/manifold welded on. pinhole in weld shot hot gasses over fuel line. Melted fuel line, started fire and burned plane. Life is full of liabilities. Just gotta be prepared to deal with them. A good homeowners policy or general liability policy will help protect you from lifes little contingentcies. If it turns into a regular job, make certain to get commercial insurance. I know a lot of folks that run barefoot. (No coverage) But if your runnin' barefoot, it might be advisable to avoid running over broken glass.

                As far as projects that sell, go to the flea markets and malls and look in the stores like Hobby Lobby or the bare wood furniture stores. Try to duplicate wood projects in steel. If you have any local art galleries, a gander in there won't hurt. Artwork is individual. Good artwork will appeal to a lotta folks and sell faster. The other thing is its amazin' what those folks will pay for something called art.
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                  Whoah guys I'm simply talking about some simple projects that I could sell to help offsett some of my personal project costs -

                  Not talking making cessna frames or anything


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                    a little $

                    I have built 2 brush guards for guys..that saw mine and asked "where did you get that?"
                    Since it is fun the time does not count right? I got $400 for one and $700 for the other.
                    I used : band saw, pipe bender (did not have my tubing bender yet) compact bender, and plasma cutter....oh on lots of grinding.

                    Planing on making some pre-runner bumpers or light bars for trucks, or ATV's.


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                      you don't say where you are located but around here they use landscape trailers with all kinds of racks to hold their equipment. Check with local lawnmower shops and see what they are selling. Northern Hydrolics has some listed in their catalogue. They are pretty basic welding and cutting.


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                        Originally posted by timw
                        you don't say where you are located but around here they use landscape trailers with all kinds of racks to hold their equipment. Check with local lawnmower shops and see what they are selling. Northern Hydrolics has some listed in their catalogue. They are pretty basic welding and cutting.

                        That's a good idea, lots of lawn care business' around here - maybe scout out some old rusted boat trailers and convert them to hold lawn equipment.


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                          I've done a little work around here to make some money offsetting tool prices. ie, exhaust work, patch panel body work, motor/tranny mounts, supports and brackets stuff like that. I've been able to pay off both my o/a setup and my millermatic by doing piddly, easily fabricated stuff that ranged anywhere from cost of material to $250.

                          I'm hoping I can start to pay off my tig soon but if it has to wait it going to wait. Everything I listed doesnt' have much liability involved except for maybe the motor/tranny mounts but they were constructed to minimize liability, on my part at least.

                          Everything seems to carry liability now though. **** what if one of the brackets I made on my car to hold my radiator comes of and the radiator falls underneath my wheel as I'm doing 140mph down the 1/4mile? If I thought about and followed through on all the "what if's" in this world, I wouldn't even be able to leave my house.

                          When you stop having fun with your hobby and it becomes weekend work thats when you know its time to quit for while.
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                            I'm building racks, baskets, and dog boxes for 4 wheelers.hope to have some pictures to post soon.
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                              The best things to make money welding/building is............What do you want? What would you like to have? What are some stuff that you would like or friends would like and just cant find or is hard to find! Think about that and you will come up with lots of things! Thats what i did and pays off well. Forget candle holders. I see thousands of them for a dime a dozen , seems to be the first idea. There was another post that someone did a steel coffee table ( oh- yeah ! another coffee table ) But when i opened the post..........WOW, now that a coffee table ya just see every day ! Now i know i cant just go out and buy one at Wal-Mart or anywhere for that matter so now if i want one i would have to buy one from him. ( if not being a welder )
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