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two feeds from one gas tank

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  • two feeds from one gas tank

    I'm now the proud owner of two wire welders... a small 100 amp 110v hobart and a Millermatic 200. (do I keep bragging or what ??)

    I plan on keeping both of them on the same roll around cart with my plasma cutter and my stick machine. The back of this cart has a bottle rack for the C25 mix I use for shielding gas.

    Is there any reason that I couldn't tee off the gas feed line after the flowmeter and feed both welders from the same bottle ?? I can't think of one... but there are lots of things I don't know ... yet...

    comments ???


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    I think the tee would work fine, wait till others chime in though, I'm new at this.
    It's not an optical just looks like one


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      I think you will be fine as long as you are only using one machine at a time. If you had both running together, then you will need two flowmeters. ie, if there were two people working on something at the same time.
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        it will never work, so you should give me the 100amp mig to rid yourself of the problem

        just kidding....

        - jack


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          It's not an optical just looks like one


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            Your welding dealer/gas supplier should have Western Enterprises fittings or can order. Y adapter connection Brass CGA-032 Inert Gas RH 5/8-18 M inlet to 5/8 Femail outlets Part#401 & with 2 valves Part#411. The Y adapter will screw right into you shielding gas regulator. Shielding gas hose will screw ito outlet of Y adapter.

            All hoses I have seen between flow meter and welder is way too long. Cut it and install new CGA-32 fittings on cut ends. Need 2 ea CGA-032 swivel nuts Part#AW-14A and uses size B nipple with hose barb.
            Order 2ea size B hose barbs sized for your hose's ID and Ferrules sized for hose ID.

            Your welding dealer/gas supplier should be able to install proper fittings on the hose & crimp on the ferrules.

            Western Enterprises Catalog is on line.
            Designing and manufacturing products for the control, storage and transmission of high-pressure gases to the industrial, medical and specialty gas markets.


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              I am with Jack on this one,but you should just keep your 100 amp machine,and send the Miller 200 this way.That way you won't have anything to bragg about.


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                My prior post listed how to with proper CGA fittings. You could also use pipe Tee and pipe fitting with hose barb. Then cut your hose and plumb it up. Would still need another hose with CGA-32 fittings or one set of fittings for 2nd welder.

                Another way is use quick disconnects on your sheiling gas line to change from one welder to another. Western sells QDs for gas welding and the one for O2 is also used for Inert gases.