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  • arts and crafts and a question...

    included (should be) a phot of a moose i made a few weekends ago out of basically scrap materials. he stands about 18" to the shoulder and is about 24" long.

    now for the question- i am looking for inout on ways to make a swivel as would be found on the business end of a c-clamp, bessey clamp, etc.. i have made a few clamps in the past and have used oversize nuts and washers to fabricate something that works, but i am looking for new ideas.

    many thanks

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    Nice moose! Good job! Did you use oxy/acetylene or a plasma cutter.

    On your swivel question: Could you provide a little more info on the direction you're headed? Is it some type of clamp you're planning to make or something else?

    Is the moose residing outside now in his natural habitat? Garden, deck?

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      hey Dave; new hat?

      I have a clamp that had lost the swivel on the threaded shaft part. It was basically left with a ball end that the old swivel attached to. I used a stack of washers to make a new "foot" for the screw part. Used washers with small opening for the front (against what is being clamped) and another split and forced over the back of the ball end. Larger opening inbetween. Ran 3 or 4 beads along the washer stack and that was that.



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        "C" Clamp Swivel


        Good idea and faster than the one I'm going to suggest.


        If you're just wanting to replace the swivel on a "C" clamp, check out the attached. First time around I may have read too much into your post. I thought maybe you were making something else.

        My method can be done without a lathe or a mill. Just use a machine bolt of appropriate size that does not have threads that go all the way to the bottom of the head.

        Good luck.

        "Some days you're the dog, some days you're the fire hydrant"


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          McMaster-Carr sells replacement heads for c-clamp screws, but I bought a couple and neither fit my clamp even though I measured acurately. Clamp still is headless.


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            thanks for all of your input.

            dave - no plasma cutter, unfortunately. cut to VERY rough shape and ground all pieces to final shape. thin metal, so it wasn't too bad. i am still a bit undecided on how i want to finish him. i am leaning toward putting him outside to oxidize for a "natural" brown coat. do you know if you can clear coat over rust?

            also, excellent idea on the swivel. i may have to give it a try. the question wasn't for any one project, but i have made a few things in the past where i have had to make up a swivel.

            bob - i have used basically the same technique as you in the past and have had decent success.

            cope - i have seen the replacements at mcmaster. i am sure there are times when it would be easier to just use them, but i am a firm believer in the creedo "why buy it when you can make it for more money and time?"

            thanks all


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              Great looking Moose! I don't see why you couldn't clear coat over the rust. I would put on several coats to make sure it is sealed well.
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                Yes, you can clearcoat over rust. There is a guy here in MS , Captain Critter" that makes ...critters out of scrap and sand blasts the final aproduct, lets it rust and sprays with clearcoat with very good results. I'll check and see if he has a web site.


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                  No web site but an article with pics.

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                    royal Fe,

                    that guy seems to rule. this was something i did b/c the idea was floating around in my head. i can see myself getting into stuff like that more, though.


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                      hey pilemonkey, you see this site:

                      quite different from what you're doing but man does he get top $ for his work!

                      - jack