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  • welding table

    What do you think of my welding table?

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    Looks like a real dandy! Job well done. I like the idea of using an old desk underneath for the drawer storage.
    work safe, always wear your safety glasses.

    Edward Heimbach


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      another picture

      another picture of it.


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        Nice job, gnewby! real handy having those drawers on there!

        You also have some familiar looking pipe setup angles and bench brake, too!
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          pipe bender and setup angles

          Yeah Rocky, I got the ideas from a couple of very wise weldors on this site. I think you had supplied the photos of your setup angles and Dan supplied the good info with the pipe bender. Thought It would be nice to show you both that your wisdom is appreciated. I like several others have picked up a lot of valuable information from this site, and got a lot of ideas for future projects.


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            I thought that bending brake looked familiar

            $10 for a 4' x 6' piece of 3/8" plate is a great deal. Heck, I ll give you $10 for the piece that you have left
            MigMaster 250- Smooth arc with a good touch of softness to it. Good weld puddle wetout. Light spatter producer.
            Ironman 230 - Soft arc with a touch of agressiveness to it. Very good weld puddle wet out. Light spatter producer.

            PM 180C

            HH 125 EZ - impressive little fluxcore only unit


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              3/8 sheet

              I am planning on hanging onto it as I have another project in the back of my mind to do one of these days that I will be useing it on.