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    thanks for the info on redneck trailer parts.
    does anyone know the balance point for a tndm axle trailer?
    i thought it was 10% rear of center. does that seem correct?

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    From the front of the trailer, not the tongue but front edge of the trailer, put midpoint of the two axles at 60%/40%, meaning toward the rear.
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      Lots of info. here:


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        According to Dexter, you want approx. 10% of the gross trailer load to be on the tongue weight (for a tag, more for a 5th wheel/goose neck). There is no real ideal axle placement percentage in relation to deck length IMO.

        I spent several weeks running calculations on my trailer design to place the axles. You don't figure from the front of the deck, rather the tongue which is your upward support point (you have to include the tongue as tongue lengths will vary).

        I had to get out my old college physics books to do the's moments your calculating. I did my calculations with my car front/rear/total weights placed on the trailer in the exact position in which it will be loaded.

        Don't take these calculations lightly as they are critical to a smooth/safe towing trailer. Also, keeping the deck height low, makes for a low center of gravity which helps in towing stability.

        I used two good books written by M.M. Smith called "TRAILERS, How to Design & Build" volumes 1 & 2. They are published by techni-visions.

        Just a quick FYI. My local Redneck trailer dealer just called to let me know my axles came in and were ready for pickup.

        Dexter Tor-Flex #10 (torsion axle, not leaf spring), 3500 lb., 10" electric brakes, 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern, 78" frame width, 91" hub face, standard hubs...$303 each.

        Just thougth I'd share that info in case you look into using torsion axles on your project.
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          You are right on about the axles.If I ever build another one,torsion bars are the only way to fly.Smooth riding setup,and I think if I remember what the trailer equiptment guy told me, they are ether adjustatable for height,or come in different heights.He was also sold on them.


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            No, they are not adjustable, but do come in several start angles of the trailing arm to be able to tweak your trailer's frame height. The start angles include:

            45 degree down
            22.5 degree down
            10 degree down (what I chose)
            0 (zero) degree
            10 degree up
            22.5 degree up

            In each class of axle (say #10), they can even adjust the weight rating from the say standard 3500 lb, down to 2300 lbs. I'm told this is accomplished by how much rubber/shock material is put inside the torsion box tube.

            Very flexible design IMO.


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              Dexter doesn't now sell adjustable angle rubber torsion axles.

              Flexride does sell adjustable angle rubber torsion axles.