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Snowmobile ramp designs

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  • Snowmobile ramp designs

    I've been racking by brains trying to figure out a practical design for ramps to load a snowmobile onto the back of a half ton truck. They have to be portable, and be able to fasten securely to the lowered tailgate, without drilling holes in it. It also has to accomodate both the ski's, and another ramp in the centre for the track. Have any of you seen anything suitable or have any ideas?

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    And if you're running those carbide skags on the ski's they'll slice the heck out of metal and could chip on jagged edges. Lotta help huh?

    I've seen those aluminum tri-fold type ramps for quads and general uses. They'd be wide enough but you'd still have the skag issue and they are an open design like most quad ramps.


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      i have 2 ski doos

      . I had a narrow utility trailer. i cut it in down the middle, sleeved the axel added more floor planks. one machine foward one rear. reinforced cross steel .it's a dump trailer. added oak cleats on bed. big sled has reverse, but have to cumalong it 1/2 way. bought small winch, will ad next week 6 ft new snow sierras yippi

      goggle bear valley real estate go to web cam check out REAL snow !! eat your heart out ps where u at ??


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        Tri Fold Ramps and a hole in the ground.

        I have always just used a tri-fold ramp, with some strips of an old plastic bed liner for the skies to ride on. The biggest issue is that I either have to dig a hole for the pickup to sit in or back up to some sort of embankment, other wise the ramps are to steep to get the sleds started up. Other then that though it seems to work fine.
        Yea it may be ugly, but then again this ain't no freaking beauty contest!


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          we've got a couple sets my grandfather built to get his sleds on and off his truck. the basically are 2 ramps, each made with 2 2"x2"'s (wood), with boards crossing between them, in a skip pattern ( 6" board, 6" gap, 6" board< ect...) the 2x2 on the middle part, is on the underside, and on top on the outside ( there's a small peice of 2x2 on the bottom of the outside end to help them sit right on the ground)

          to hook on the tail gate, he used some hooks made of 1/8" x 1 1/2" with a 90 degree bend, and he used one of those chrome tailgate protectors, that kept it from slipping off. ( although, it would grab the tail gate of my 79 f-100 without any trouble)
          on the underside, of the outside of the ramp ( under the 2x2) he put a length of 2" strapping for added strength, and screwed through it, then through the boards, and up into the 2x2....
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