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  • Another work bench

    I finally finished my metal fab table this week and got everything put together in my back shop. I know these things are getting redundant on this web site, but I had to show someone that gave a hoot cause god knows my wife doesn't!
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    Thats a nice shop, real comfy looking.


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      Does look cozy doesn't it, good job


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        Good job, it looks like it's warm too.
        Regards, George

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          Nice mailbox!!
          My Powerstroke will stomp your Duracrap!


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            Thanks guys. I bought the house 1 year ago (Signed a 30 year house note on my 30th birthday!) That's the second garage that's unattatched at the back of the yard. Theres commercial property on the garage side so I can make noise til late in the night. The guy that had it before me put in A/C, speakers in the ceiling, 7 air hose fitting thru the walls, cable tv and the phone line! All I need is a tv and I'm set. My wife told me all I need is a bed and a bathroom and I'd never come in the house!
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              thats a great "doghouse"...after all we spend most of our time in it anyway, might as well make it comfy.
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                Nice setup. We care even if your wife doesn't.
                What do I know I am just an electronics technician.


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                  That's a good looking weld bench. I'm envious. I just finished my first addition about 30 minutes ago. It's more like a weld sawhorse, and I managed to weld in a really nice bow in the middle of it. I'm hoping the next (it will be the last) will be better. I still need the radio and speakers. You have done something about which to crow and, me, I don't mind more pics of shops.



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                    I'm envious :O) ...

                    Nice set-up! I just finished bolting on my newly purchased 5" harbor freight rotating vise onto an old 3' x 3' wooden work bench somebody threw out. It has a steel covered top and I'm so glad to have something to work on after just kneeling down on the ground like a cave-man for the last few months.

                    Enjoy!, Richard