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Was considering a hoist

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  • Was considering a hoist

    I see the heaviest of the light 2 post are about 5200.18,000# Mowhawk has heavier ones, I bet the 20000 from them, better built I am sure is 8 or 9 G, damm,, then I would have to get a metal muncher. We have guys here that use hoists?

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    The only "hoist" I have is a walking beam 24' long in my old shop. I have a 3 ton chain fall on it. One of my upcoming projects is to move it into my new to me shop (converted haybarn.)

    There are times when it's as handy as a pocket on a shirt.

    Have a great day,


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      My brother just bought himself a 9000 lb Rotary hoist from a local muffler shop that was closed down and reopened as a Chopper Shop. He hasn't installed it yet but I'm already envious.
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        rolling around on a creeper is getting old and new cars are so low that you cant do anything on the floor. Big trucks are not real bad to do on the floor but with pickups it would be nice to work standing up.


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          " then I would have to get a metal muncher ''

          Then I would like to get a hoist!!!!!

          Yes cutting metal the old fashion way, is about as much fun as laying under a car.
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            Oh, I get it now! When you said hoist, I thought of lifting from the top. You were talking about what I call a "lift."

            I bought an American made lift online. I think it was AmericasPrideOnline or something like that. The folks there were very customer oriented and the sales guy that I dealt with over the phone had installed them for a living in the past. I called him several times during the installation to ask questions and he was very happy to help.

            The one I got was made in Fort Worth which is only about 150 miles from here so that kept my shipping costs down.

            It is a very good unit. The only problem I have is that some of the cars I put on it are too low and I have to run them on 2 X 12's to get them high enough for the arms to go underneath. Unless you work on really low cars like a Corvette or Mini Cooper, this will not be a problem. If you do, pay attention to the minimum height of the lift pads.

            Mine is 9000 pounds and it needs about 12' 6" clear above. My building is 13' 6" clear but I have a metal halide light hanging such that if I raise a car all the way, with the hood up it will occasionally touch the hood. I should say a truck. A car is no problem.

            In my research before buying this, I learned that there are MANY lifts out there that claim to be American made but are actually Chinese made with cheapy pumps and hydraulics. You also need to see that it has a chain over the cylinder. If it does not, it is most likely a cheap built Chinese job.

            I think mine cost $2095, but that was just before steel prices started going up, so they may be more expensive now. The same outfit has some pretty hefty ones for trucks. If you're doing mostly larger and heavier trucks, I would not want an assymetrical. Mine is assymetrical and quite handy for lighter vehicles. If you are looking for capacity, however, I would stay with a symmetrical unit.

            I would take a picture of it for you, but I have steel scattered around under it right now until I get my welding cart finished.

            I rolled around on a creeper all my life and this lift is the greatest piece of equipment that I've ever bought. I also got a transmission jack at the same time. You will definitely want to get one when you have a lift. I use it for all kinds of things. My life is MUCH easier. It's amazing how much trouble it was getting to be just to roll out from under a car for one more wrench.

            Good luck,


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              Hoists are a dream. We have one in our new shop. So easy to just lift up anything and work on it. It can be used fro more then lifting up cars, you can pull engines out if you park under it and lift up higher. Makes oil chages the easiest thing in the world.

              Great investment. Every shop needs one.
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                must be some good used ones out there at a fair price. never checked, but you

                guys got me thinkin. customer installed a nice concrete pit with ramp for his motor home.


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                  Right after I laid out a little over $2000 for mine, a friend bought a really nice one at an estate sale for $500. I've never come up with deals like that. Every time I go to an estate sale, all I come across are TV's from the sixties and toasters. This guy has come up with all kinds of bargains.

                  Happy New Year,


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                    the story of my life

                    I always pay 10% over list, on the other hand my brother just paid a $1000 for a used skid loader, with backhoe attachment, that needs a little engine work!!


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                      I think Rotary is the best.

                      I had 5 of them in my AAMCO shop inAZ.

                      Can get them cheap now also. Plan on getting one as soon as funds available.