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  • New guy....

    I'm one of the new guys. Just thought I'd show off the Toyota truck i'm building right now....Criticism is welcomed... Here's the link...
    Hobart Handler 135

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    Welcome to the forum, Radar...nice fitting job! Welds all look good to only concern is the tank...what's going to be in it? The different thicknesses of metal from the pipe to the tank, under vibration is an invitation to a failure. Not to mention expansion and contraction of the tank. That's why in trucks and cars they attach the fuel tanks with straps. However I don't know alot about the construction of your type of vehicle...what's the truck going to be used for? Drag? Rock crawling? Off road?
    How much pressure will be in the tank?


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      Rocky, since Radar lives in Houston, that may be a flotation tank.

      Radar, welcome. A nice bunch of guys on this board and lots of experience here. You didn't do all that with the Handler 135 did you?
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        Believe it or not I've put in 3 or 4 tanks that way and I've never seen a problem with any of them as of yet. The oldest one out there was done about 3 yrs ago. It's used as an air storage tank. The truck has an air bag suspension. There will be 2 Firestone compressors that have a pressure switch that will run the pressure to 140 psi then shut off. There will be electric soleniod valves that will supply the air to the bags, which are activated by momentary toggle/rocker switches. Once the pressure drops to 90 psi, the compressors will come back on. As of this week I started to drop the cab 3" over the frame, or as the old hot rod guys call it, I'm channelling it. This way when the bags are deflated the truck will lay flat on the ground. So basically Rocky, it's a street truck. And you might be right Cope, the way this city is ran I might need a flotation device! And yes, this was all done with the Handler 135. All of the frame work was done in 1/4" and it burned it inwonderfully. I wanted 3/16" to do it, but the metal supply house didn;t have any at the time. Here's the last truck I built to get an idea of what I'm trying to accomplish...Thanks for the good words guys....Anyone want to buy a truck?
        Hobart Handler 135


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          Some pretty cool work there! I personally am not crazy about low riders, but that looks like some great craftsmanship. The paint job looks great. Do you do that yourself also?
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            RADAR...............DID YOU DO THE PAINT YOURSELF.........EVER DO A HARLEY PAINT JOB.................NICE JOB MAN....................WHY DID YOU PICK THE 135 OVER THE SAY 175???????????..... I KNOW ALWAYS AKING THE QUESTIONS AREN'T I......................ROCK
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              Really nice truck, Radar.....looks like you got it down, all right! How much are you asking for a truck like that?

              ROCK...yeah you are asking a lof of questions....but then, that's how you learn....and you are one of the most knowledgeable here, and they didn't make you an "Expert" for nothin'! So keep on askin'! And there's no dumb questions, here, guys....ask away!


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                Looks really good. I am about to do something like that to my brother's nissan. You might know him. Cass from Lower Level. What size tubing did ya use? How did you bend it? I would like to see some shots on how that bar under the bag connects at both ends.

                Here is a website for one of the best airbrush artists
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                  Rock, here's where to go for a Harley paint job:



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                    Rock: Here is another site Tanks
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                      New guy

                      Hobart Expert & Arbo-
                      I didn't do the paint. A friend of mine did the base colors and the clear and Pat Maxwell did the graphics. He's one of the best around and yes, he will do Harley's!

                      Rocky D-
                      I'm asking $13,000 for it. I have awhole **** of alot more than that in it!!

                      Chad Rat-
                      I used 1" tubing for all of the crossmembers. The bar the bag is mounted on has bushings on each end so it will pivot.I know Charles from all the shows I go to, he's an ok guy to me...
                      Hobart Handler 135


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                        new guy

                        I almost forgot, the reason I picked the 135 is because it was 115v. That way I knew it would do anything I needed it to do anywhere I needed it.....
                        Hobart Handler 135