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    I'm looking for standard measurements for a bench. I need the height, a standard width of the seat, and the height and angle of the back support. I've been measuring dining room chairs, office chairs etc, but the benches don't have backs and I want backs.

    Also, ideas for anchoring and security would be helpful. I think these will be sitting on bricks or one might be in ground, just don't know yet. I never notice this stuff until I'm going to make some and then there everywhere. This project will be outdoors and I think they need to be comfortable as well as durable. Yes, I will probably include some rebar...just love the stuff.

    Any Ideas? Pictures?

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    Anchor it??? C'mon Duke, the stuff you build would take a forklift to move! Yer getting me hooked on it, out guys this may be catching!!!

    I think there is a standard, but I don't think it's a hard and fast one. You have to keep in mind old folks can't have it too low. Seat height would be the length from the inside back of your knee to the ground, and the back, at a comfortable angle. Experiment and go for it!


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      furniture sizes


      did a google site on furniture design and found this site... it gives design dimensions for standard wood furniture... might give you some ideas...

      hope it helps


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        Try park benches or patio furniture. You could sell your stuff to a park. They like too heavy to walk off with.


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          What? you whant to make it so no one can walk off with it? What a shame! then you will never know if the next one would have come out better or as good as the first one!

          Just a thought!

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            They have some really cool metal benches with backs at the mall. I got my porch swing idea from them. I took measurements from my old wood porch swing. I made my back a lil higher just for the **** of it. It seems the angles are usually greater than 90 degrees. I would just bend up some metal and eye ball it till it looks right. I made my swing at a 90 degree angle but I plan to hang it tilted. What is your fascination with rebar?
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              It's cheap, heavy, and non-traditional!
              Truthfully it's the first thing...Cheap. I did some handrails in my house where I wanted it for the texture/price. I went to a supplier and they sold me their drop for cash payment to the workers in the shop. I hauled off their scrap of 1 1/2" and various lengths and sizes for a grand total of $20. Still have a big pile to cut and burn so most ...well, projects seem to have rebar included.

              Behold, the power of rebar!


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                cool, cheap metal. If I had that laying around my shop then it would probably get used in some kind of project.
                Art is dangerous!