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Tube roller/teardrop trailer

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  • Tube roller/teardrop trailer

    This link shows tube being rolled into arc. The tube roller should be easy project.

    They built some nice trailers too.

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    nice trailer Roger. How much did it end up weighing once you had it all built out with the interior/kitchen/etc ?

    - jack


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      I would like to know where to get a ring roller like that.
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        That's not my web site. Their old site said they did architectural welding in that shop.

        I was going to post link to that tube roller when everyone was building compact benders.

        To get that bender make it. This is how I would do it.

        Tee handle pressure bolt is threaded through 1/2" plate and pushes 1/2" pressure plate. The pressure bolt goes through pressure plate to keep pressure plate from twisting. Washer and roll pin at bottom of pressure bolt. Nut retained by roll pin through pressure bult, pushes aginst sealed thrust bearing, pushing aginst pressure plate. Side bolts through viertical slot, sealed bearing then into threaded hole in pressure plate. Side bearings push on roller.

        I would make Center roller in 3 sections. 2 thick metal washers the side bearings push aginst, and plastic center section that could be flat, concave for for round tube, or grooved for angle.

        Side rollers should also take plastic contoured rollers for round pipe, angle ect. If you could more side rollers towards center then it could roll tighter arcs.

        Would be nice to have electric power. Could adapt harbor frieght's portable electric pipe threader for power.

        The rest you should be able to figure out.

        Horizontal tube roller with detailed drawings posted at drop box will also give ideas.

        If you like teardrop trailers here are 2 links.


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          All I have to say is those trailers are really nice, great job on them.
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            Do you have planes on how to make that tubeing bender? I would like to get a copy of them if you do. Boy to think of all the stuff I have made over the years that could have been eayer made with that!
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              Most Teardrop Trailers don't use steel frames for trailer body. Here is only other site I've found using steel.



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                Roger, sounds like a good idea. I don't really get how you would make it turn. I need to see a picture. The rollers are cool. What kind of plastic how ya use? Where can ya get it? I am sure it would be easy to turn on one of my lathes. so when are we gonna see your teardrop trailer?
                Art is dangerous!


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                  My prior post discribing mounting side bearings to pressure plate left out tube spacers required between pressure plate and side bearing. A tube spacer would also be required between side bearing and bolt head.

                  Here is a home made roller of more conventional design. Web search for commercial examples.

                  This web page has 33 links on how to build a horizontal tube roller tube using plastic rollers.


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                    Here is link to owner of the Orange Tube Roller. Ask him for plans or have him build you one.