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    I thought that I would share my second completed project. I have a folding portabote that I use for fishing and I needed a way to mount a fish finder without having it attached to the boat permanently. It was made from 3/4" sq tubing, some 3/8" threaded rod, fender washers (that I dished), small peice of 1/8" plate, and some wingnuts. The display ataches to the plate on top and can go up or down (4") and swivel 360 deg's. The transducer attaches to the bottom. The whole rig is placed over the transum and locked in place with the wingnuts. Did this with my HH135 and some scrap from my welding buddy. I'm having so much fun with this welder it's almost a crime...I am trying to add a picture, I hope it works...
    Regards, George

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    Neat project, good idea on how to get this setup so you dont have to drill holes in your boat.
    Gary Wolboldt


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      Hey that is a great idea , I love to go fishing but I dont have a outboard for my boat yet, So i rent them your way you can take your fish finder with you get away from the dock and stick it in the water ,very nice! JPC