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3 point hitch tower for dethatcher

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    Originally posted by GWOL
    Neat project!

    what type of JD is that. Looks like a diesel, but not a 18hp one. Is this a 400 series. Yes I have been looking at them. I have a 10 acera horse farm and need to upgrade to a real piece of farm equipment. Oh, by the way, neat design!
    HI Gary, Its the new X475. It has the liguid cooled 23hp Kaw. I got it last April. Currently it's way more tractor than I need. Last year when I was looking for a new tractor the wife decided it was finally time to move back to the country and build that log cabin we have been dreaming about. Well...I knew that meant more property and thus the need for a bigger tractor .

    Thanks for the complement on the design. I really hadn't built anything yet for the 3 point and had a lot of stuff I needed to figure out. This one took some thought and a lot of tack welding to test fit up and lift. After several attempts I finally enede up with something that worked.

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      I like that just tack it up and make it work. That is how I do most of my projects. No plans just tack it up and make it work.
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