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Replacement oxygen gauge

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  • Replacement oxygen gauge

    The high-pressure oxygen gauge of my oxy-acy kit got smashed (a piece of house fell on it). Luckily the regulator didn't fold and blast through the roof, man that woulda been somethin!

    Do you think I can just replace the gauge or should the regulator be scrapped? I haven't taken it apart to check it out yet. The nut you tighten that attaches it to the tank? It got rotated in that, a pretty good whack. But that's the only noticeable problem now.

    The local weld shop does have the gauges...

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    oxygen regulator

    Normally you would just replace the gauge. In this case it might not be a bad idea to have your dealer check the regulator out.


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      Take it to a dealer they can sell you a new inlet fitting if damaged. Any bent or dented parts can be replaced if needed. Can't say more without looking at it.


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        The shop replaced the gauge while I waited and tested it out. I got plugs for the connections too and they only charged me for the gauge

        Is it safe to use lube on the regulator screw? what type? It used to have some on there but I had to wipe it off after I, uh, dropped the pin on the dirty floor (whoops)


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          Do not use any petroleum based lube on any parts of your torch or regulators. If it comes into contact with the O2 it can and will spontaneously explode. Needless to say, that might ruin your day!
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