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Lincoln ranger 9 value w/ mig & tig

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  • Lincoln ranger 9 value w/ mig & tig

    Today I looked at a used ranger 9 engine drive with 120 hours. It comes complete with a cobramatic mig setup (300amp) and a tig setup mounted on top of the engine drive unit complete with high freq. unit and a water cooled 300amp torch. This all comes mounted in an old trk with utility box, torches, tanks, acet, oxy, arg & co2. Everything looks in great shape (except the trk)and the guy is asking $6500. Any input as to problems...seems a little high in price...anyone have any idea as to the value.

    Any info appreciated!!!!!

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    It probably depends on the shape of the welding gear.Adding it up he has spent more than that.If you could get him to throw in a LN25 I would do it.It seem to me if he parted out the welding gear he might get about $5000.00,maybe a little more.Not much more though.This is in the area I live.(NW)


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      The Lincoln and the Cobramatic will easily exceed this cost when new. ( I have both) How good of condition are they in? I may be interested if you are not. Please let me know if you do not buy them. Be careful of the tanks, if he does not have a clean deed from the supply house showing clearly that he is the owner of them, he is not allowed to sell them.
      Mike Sherman
      Shermans Welding