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  • Fabrication tools

    I ran across an interesting site for fab. tools, especially if you want to do ornamental work:

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    Get their's got some great stuff in it.


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      Anyone know of cheaper place to buy a bender for square tubing?


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        Originally posted by Bum
        Anyone know of cheaper place to buy a bender for square tubing?
        Harbor Freight


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          You can buy the shopoutfitters bender at Harbor Freight. I would not try to bend square tubing with it. Look at the JD2 or Pro Tools benders. I bought a Hossfeld bender on ebay for $300. It is missing some pieces. I wanted a Hossfeld because of all the dies that are available for it. Oh yeah, Grizzly has a heavy duty bender too. I have just seen pictures of it. So I don't know much about it.
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            If you bought the Hossfield #2 here's a link to plans of all the parts that go into it.

            Looking at what you've made so far fabbing a few parts isn't a problem. You'll probably have to join the site to have access but it would be worth the time.
            The bender on the HF site isn't close to the quality of the Shop Outfitters unit. You can bend much more with the SO bender, lots of dies available. I've been happy with mine.
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              The bender sold by HF is copy of Shop Outfitters old bender. They couldn't match import's price so they decided to build a better bender that doesn't have parts interchangeable with HF bender.