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  • chop saw-carbide blade

    Is it possible to put a carbide blade on a chop saw-say if you have a dewalt 871 can you put the carbide blade from a multi-cutter on the chop saw. I realize there is a BIG speed difference in the two motors. Would you be looking at breaking teeth or damaging the wheel-or user? Or could you go slow with little pressure and do it? They say it cuts 4x faster, would seem to me that if you didn't force the blade it would still cut faster than a chop saw blade or am I looking at just trashing a $100 blade?

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    Putting a steel-cutting carbide blade on an abrasive chop saw won't work due to the differences in cutting speed. The steel-cutting blades are designed to run at no more than 1300rpm for a 14" and 1700rpm for the 12". Abrasive disks on chop saw run much faster. I knew a person who tried what you are asking and immediately starting flinging C6 carbide teeth around the room--and he was using a slow feed rate. If you think you will cleverly take a 12" miter saw used for woodcutting and slow the motor down to 1700rpm from 4000rpm by using a router speed control , think again. The motors in these mitersaws have brushes, but don't operate on chopped DC like the universal motors found in an angle grinder,circular saw, or power drill. The router speed control for these tools works fine. I need to find out from dewalt how a brush-type motor (seemingly universal style) can be designed to run only on AC , as these machines specify. Finding a way to control this motor's speed, then using a 12" tenryu steel-cutting blade is the solution I would like to use. I'd have the accuracy of a miter saw, and by changing blades--perform double duty.
    Anyone want to call Dewalt? I don't want to replace the motor with a DC type--too much expense.



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      kinda figured that was the case or everybody would be doing it. just thought I would ask since you can put an abrasive blade on a circular saw. Definately don't want to waste a $100 blade.