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Lincoln 300 powermig

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  • Lincoln 300 powermig

    I welded some 18 gauge aluminum with the 300 powermig today,and it is really something.It had the $2000.00 python gun on it.It has a feature called pulse on pulse,and it makes it really easy to get a amost perfect tig looking weld with very low distortion.That was with 4043-3/64 wire.That welder will kind of ruin you for life as far as other machines.The thing is kind of spendy,pushing $5000.00.

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    I have used this machine at some demonstrations. It is pretty good for a small shop machine. It is very diverse and can do more than most single machines, I would recommend it to anyone who needs just one machine for their shop that can do just about anything.
    Mike Sherman
    Shermans Welding


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      Mike,check out what Ken M had to say about the 300 powermig.Also I have seen your bandsaw so I know what level machine you like.I bet you have nothing under 500 amps.


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        nothing under 500 amps

        Good thing you didn't bet the farm. I think he has an old Lincoln 225 amp hidden in the garage.

        Scott that welder seems impressive, but it looks like Lincoln knows it by the price.


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          Cope,This one is a demo,I am getting.Its almost perfect,but the gun has a problem.They are going to fix it,and sell me the whole thing for $3000.00.Thats a killer deal as far as I can tell.


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            Scott, that puts it in a better light. Not too shabby a price.


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              I was swapping a cylinder at the shop this morning and they had some 1/16th square Al tube that had been MIG'd with this machine. Awesome, didn't distort the metal at all and hardly warped it... drool