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Thermal Arc Raider 10000

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  • Thermal Arc Raider 10000

    Has any body used one of these machine or know any thing about them? i saw one this week for the first time, looks like a good machine, really like the Stainless cover and the fact it uses a honda engine. seem to be pretty similar to a trailblazer DC buty it lists for about a grand less.
    jerry white

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    Same as Liquid Aire Wolfpac, made in Italy, asynchronus generator, Honda, or kohler engine. They weld nice, Warranty isn't too bad. They put out 3 phase 460 power.
    The big drawback is the asynchronus generator and the Cap bank needed to drive it.
    Lotsa problems with this system!
    The slip ring variety of engine driven welders are still the better way to go