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Adding MIG to a 400D or similar Stick welder

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    Well I'm just a touch confused about this issue, your original post said you were running a LN25 on a Bobcat which could not keep up with the demand which made me think you must be running some larger wires and more than likely innershield. I started to write you back on several occasions but figured you had this all worked out by now but I guess not. I could give you some really good insite on the results of the CV board in a Big 50 if I knew a little more about the kind of wire you are using and the application, but until then let me give you a little more input. I ran a Big 50 with the deluxe package in it for several years on my field service truck. The deluxe package consists of the safety shutdown system,engine gauges,10/15 kw kit and the cc/cv panel factory installed. I ran innershield most of the time on the cv side of the panel since it yields slightly better results over a cc type power source. I would say this machine was acceptable if not just a little better, but when we tried to run some 203 nickel or many of the better alloy dualshield wires we found the quality just was not there and you could forget about trying to run .035 hard wire in the lower settings. I later put a 304 on my truck and ran it off the aux 3ph circuit when we needed to have better control of inductance or more touchy wires. I later rented a 402 and a 502 for a large field job and found that Miller had made a major change to the cv cababilities on the newer machines,so I put my Big 50 up for sale and bought a 402D which has been excellent on all of the wires I have needed to run since then. I can tell you that none of the larger engine drives out there(from Miller) will run the trickier wires as good as the 301 and 302 trailblazer excepting the new Pro 300 and the Pipepro 304 which is just an engine driven inverter, I hope this sheds some light on your expectations of the add on board and helps you with your application-Russ


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      Thanks for the info Russ,

      You are correct on the wire.

      Here are some of the wire type we use from time to time
      1/16 Fabshield 21b
      .045 Dual Shield 7100 Ultra
      .045 Fab Tough 960
      .045 Innershield.

      As far as the applications, they range from welding wear strips to dozer and loader blades to fixing large and small cracks in the frames of large Cat equipment up to several inches thich. And other repairs here in a strip mining operation.
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        Post is old. However I can I assure you that The ln 25 we'll hook up and run Great with nothing in between.