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Sharpening Tungsten

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  • Sharpening Tungsten

    I haven't even fired up my new Lincoln 175pro Tig yet but I'm all over the net gathering info.
    One thing I ran accross is a tool that sharpens your electrodes.
    It cost $1600. american dollars !!!!
    How critical is the taper on the tungsten electrode ?
    I see instructions on sharpening on a grinding wheel and it doesn't look all that difficult.
    I understand the part about having a 'dedicated' wheel or disc so as not to contaminate the electrode and maybe even a jig to set the angle, but $1600. - am I missing something ???
    Chuck U&R

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    Thats just like the $650.00 drill bit sharpener we bought at work...What a joke. It is a five inch bench grinder with a pain in the butt jig attached. An old Navy machinist once taught me how to sharpen bits freehand, and I can outdo that expensive grinder all day long. Save your bucks for bigger and better toys and learn to do it freehand. You will be alot better off in the long run.
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      Tungsten Sharpener

      Ya got that right !!!
      I only paid $1435. delivered for the welder.


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        What your missing is one or more workers using radioactive tungstens sharpening them on regular grinder with osha inspector comeing next week.

        You will probably sharpen less tungstens in a lifetime than some comercial welders will in a year. Don't use radioactive tungstens or if you must sharpen them rig an exhaust fan or outside.


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          radioactive tungsten? what is that used for?

          Nod on the commercial point... if you've got a shop with eight tig'ers it might make since too. Although the best way to do it I've seen so far was to attach a bench grinder to the welder itself. Cost: $120, if that...


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            Sharpening Tungsten

            I'm thinking that rather than spend $50. or more for a bench grinder I can get an Ebay mini-grinder for $10. and use it for sharpening.
            Shouldn't be too hard to rig up jig to set the angle.
            Waddya think ?


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              sounds like a winner here but be sure the jig can do different angles and stuff. I know nothing about TIG but I think for varying processes your supposed to grind the electrode differently.


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                More info on the subject.


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                  Ernie Leimkuhler turned me on to a tungsten grinder like he uses. I bought it at has a diamond wheel and is mounted on a dremel tool like thing from Black&Decker...I paid $300 for it. This weekend I saw the same grinder at Home Depot for $39. Boy, was I frosted! The head on the tungsten grinder is a machined aluminum gizmo that has holes for different sizes of electrodes. I don't think it was worth the extra $261

                  I say more about grinders and there benefits on the above thread. So I won't be redundant here.


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                    Hi, this summer when I tig welded we also used a normal bench grinder with a diamond wheel. It worked real well. Free handing sharpening isn't too difficult. Tim