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thunderbolt on 115v?

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  • thunderbolt on 115v?

    I was looking at the owners manual for the Miller Thunderbolt XL, OM-316 page 15 & 16, and noticed that you can hook the machine to 115v power. Draw at rated output is 95 amps. My question is why would you use this option? I realize not everyone has 220v avail but then again I assume most people don't have a 150 amp fuse for thier 110 outlet. Is there a practical use for this setup? Just curious. Thanks BW

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    In industrial applications it is common to use high ampacity 115/120 volt systems for control circuits. The idea is that by having to break only the phase (hot) wire to interrupt the circuit, you get 100% fail-safe operation for controls by using single pole devices, which reduce costs if you are using a lot of circuits. This is simple and more efficient than many circuits using reduced voltage controls and transformers. I have seen 150-200 amp service supplied to complex control layouts to breakers with more reasonable ratings in clusters.