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  • cold argon gas

    I do a lot of aluminum welding. I have my equipment in an enclosed trailer. 90% of what I weld on is indoors. My question though is concerning my argon gas. Do I need to be concerned with using my argon during the cold season. Does the fact that the gas is cold have any affect on my weld.

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    I have a mobile rig that is set-up for aluminum, I have welded outside in all kinds of weather, and I have not had any problems with the gas being cold.
    However, sometimes the wire gets springy when it gets real cold, it tends to keep the same curvature as when it was on the spool. If you have a long stick-out(like when welding inside corners) the curve may present a problem. Ed.
    work safe, always wear your safety glasses.

    Edward Heimbach


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      Cold dry Argon or Argon/He mix shouldn't be a problem. Welding cold aluminum with it's great expansion and contraction when heated then cooled can lead to more weld cracks in cold weather.

      If the partial pressure of CO2 in Argon/CO2 mix got high enough it could turn to liquid at your winter ambient temp. reducing CO2% in gas mix at higher pressures then increasing CO2% at lower pressures. Rocky's 50/50 mix would have bigger problem than 80/20 mix. Dealer can fill gas to less than cylinder's max working pressure to prevent problem or you could only use after cylinder warmed in heated space.