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  • 41/2" Angle Grinder

    can someone tell me the difference between a grinder with needle bearings & grinder with ball bearings.
    i want to purchase one of these grinders but would like to know which of these would hold up the best. every thing the same except for the needle bearing or the ball bearing.
    any advice would be appreciated.

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    I would think ball brg would be better,, but what grinder are you looking at? The cheapies are not very good and a decent one, about 80 to 100$ will last the homeowner forever and is very useful besides the immediate thoughts that come to mind. They can cut off steel, grind off nuts or bolts. Home Depot carries the DeWalt DW 402, 79$, the only thing I dont really care for about them in my shop is that you need to use the tool that comes with them to change the wheel. In a home shop it probably wouldnt be a big deal though. You can also use wire wheels on these for cleaning.
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      Where they the same price? I'd think that the $$ should tell you something - usually you get what you pay for!

      As far as needle vs. ball bearings, there is a greater bearing surface in needle bearings. Whith a ball, obviously, the only bearing surface is on the circumference of the ball; with needles, it's the entire length of the needle.

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        Go with a Miwaukee magnum 4-1/2", you'll never look back. Uncrichie..


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          roller bearing is even better than Ball


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            I don't see how needle bearings could be used on the spindle of an angle grinder to begin with. Needle bearings are only for radial loads, not axial, and have no means to control endplay. Most of the force on an angle grinder spindle is axial (thrust). Ball type bearings are indicated there.

            The motor and input shaft could conceivably have needle bearings, but I've never seen them used on a grinder motor.

            Tapered roller bearings are another matter, since they have ability to control axial loading. What make and model are you looking at that claims to have needle bearings?
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              I blush to say,

              I have the harbor freight cheapo. It works great. So great I bought another on a super sale. I had to fiddle with the arbor mountings, but have cut all sorts of things with it.

              Sad to say, you can buy a half-dozen of these for the cost of a good one.

              Unless you are working with a LOT of stuff over 1/4", I think the Chi-commies got us bet on this one.

              PS: (I am strickly a hobby weldor, so the grinder never gets run over a few min. at a time; and never a high duty cycle)