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    Looking for a welder to do a variety of jobs....light to maybe 1/4 + steel, occasional stainless or aluminum. Am weighing the merits of MIG, TIG, AC-DC stick etc. I have some gas and AC experience. Latest project will use 1/2" solid rod and 14 ga. square tubing. Maybe some trailer work etc. I have looked at Miller 175, Hobart 175 and a few Lincolns. I like the portability of 110V. units but think I would eventually run into the power limitations. Any suggestions on equipment, necessary accesories, helmet etc?

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    The 175 would be a minimum. For thicker steel, you could buy a stick machine and use the MIG for thinner material if $$ is an object.

    You need a good helmet; I have the Jackson Journeyman variable shade. It runs$150-160. There are other good units out there. I use short light leather gloves for MIG and heavier ones for stick. You also need a pair of safety glasses. Next would be plenty of clamps, I use regular C-clamps as well as Vise Grip type. Also a good square, tape and soapstone. Get a couple of light colored 100% cotton long sleeve work shirts.