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  • 4130

    I am building a stockcar and it is completely 4130. I have a MIG and I need to know what type of wire I need to use. Thank You.

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    Go here and look. You will have to look around on the board to find the exact info that you need.

    It is a great motorsports site and if you dont see what you need, just ask the question and they will tell. I am sorry that I cant give you the proper info that you need, I just do all my 4130 with a TIG machine.


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      Re: 4130

      Originally posted by Mike Jacober
      I am building a stockcar and it is completely 4130.
      I see a lot of questions like this one, and I have always wondered: why use 4130 tubing instead of something like 1026 DOM? Is it required in your class? What are the performance advantages?
      Bill C
      "The more I learn about welding the more I find there is to learn..."


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        you can use a thinner tubing with the 4130. The spec on mild steel is .118 while with the moly you can use .083 and thinner on some of the tubes. In NHRA and IHRA you can not MIG the 4130. You must TIG it. The only time that it is required to use 4130 is when you run 7.50 or faster in the 1/4 or the new specs call for it when you run above something like 180mph with a heavy (3000 pound) car.


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          4130 wire

          Thanks for the tip on the Miller sight. They say to use ER70S-6 with a 75/25 Gas mix. Then to stress relieve the weld with a tourch and a 900 degree temp crayon about 1 inch away from the weld. The 4130 frames should have a higher strength to wieght ratio and usaly have better resale value.