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Bad News! Wasnt Sure Where To Post This??!?!?!

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  • Bad News! Wasnt Sure Where To Post This??!?!?!

    Hey all-
    Some bad news! Me, my brother, and one of his friends, were out on Sunrise Blvd. (local cruise street for teens) at about 11:30 last night. We were sitting at a red light and all the sudden we hear tires screeching, and my brother sees headlights in the rear view mirror. Next thing you know, we are spinning in a circle in the middle of the intersection. After spinning two full times and ending up facing the opposite way, we were REALLY REALLY REALLY shook up! We were hit by a drunk driver going 60 mph. Nobody was seriously hurt thank the lord above! Luckily, the guy seemed to swerve to the right and hit the rear of the car more towards the passenger side, and I was sitting in the rear seat on the drivers side. The rear bumper came around the side of the car on the passenger side and came through the rear side window of the car and cut the girl we were with on the face. She ended up having 15 stitches this morning at about 1 oclock in the hospital. My brother got out, and she tried to get out but her door was stuck shut, and would not open. She had to climb out the drivers side door. The read of the car(bumper), ended up touching the the front passenger seat, and because he didnt hit us head-on, I am here to tell you the story. If he would of hit us head-on, I would not of lived. I was basically trapped, because the rear of teh car kinda made a little box around me. We couldnt get me out of the car, because the drivers seat wouldnt slide forward to allow me to get out. My brother just wanted to get me out, so he told me to sit back in the seat, and he started kicking the **** out of the front drivers seat, as the back of the seat was already laid over and touching the passenger front seat. He finally broke it the rest of the way which gave me room to get out. After getting out, 6 cop cars, fire truck, and an ambulance all showed up. We were checked out and refused to go to the hospital at that time. All 3 of us later went to the hospital by our own will after giving police reports, and everything else. Turns out the guy had rear ended another guy 2 blocks back up the road, and him and the guy he hit decided to ull over in a parking lot to exchange info. Well, he never pulled into the parking lot and proceeded running from the guy. Was doing 60 mph (app.), and hit us, at a dead stop! Well I am really shaken up along with the girl and my brother, the car is gone(probably the worst part about it,I was in tears knowing the car was gone I LOVED THAT CAR!), and the guy is now in jail. He has a hit and run accident, a DUI, and another accident with 3 injuries. Hopefully we will get everything back, car, aftermarket parts, medical bills, etc. from his insurance company, but were not 100% sure how that will work so....
    Anyways, dont want to ramble forever. As I said, I am shaken, and my neck and back hurt quite a bit, but other than that were all okay!
    P.S. I will post pictures of the car tomorrow after we go to the towyard and take pics!
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    Glad you are Ok,

    In Michigan the DUI guy would not have any insurance or a job and would likely be an elected official, rich business corporate guy , sports figure or union honcho all coming or going to the golf courses. Remember one thing. You are lucky to be alive and this GUY is innocent of ALL charges because Alcoholism is a disease. Don't believe me? Ask Diane Feistein, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy or Hillary Clinton. Liberal Democrats always have an excuse in the bag ready to pop on you to justify bad behavoir which will always costs the overtaxed taxpayer more money.

    Reminds me of a joke.

    Two drunk Democrats were driving down the road when the Democrat driver said to the other one. "We must be getting closer to town". The other Democrat said, " How can you tell?" The Driver then replied, "because we are hitting more people".
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      Originally posted by reedfish
      Two Democrats were driving down the road when the Democrat driver said to the other one. "We must be getting closer to town". The other Democrat said, " How can you tell?" The Driver then replied, "because we are hitting more people".


      THAT IS AWSOME!!!!

      yeah, anyway, im really glad you are ok!
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        glad no one in your car was seriously hurt . Remember it is only money you can replace that. Good luck with the insurance . Terry


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          Glad you three escaped with no more serious injuries. God was truly with you.


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            That was a close one, glad you are ok.
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              Congadulations you lucked out and lived to tell the tale.

              Like I used to tell folks when I was doing my police thing. Screw the car you can get another on but unless you are a lobster you can't grow back things that get chopped off. It really is a good idea to get checked out by the ER though. No doubt in the next few days you will feel like you got run over by a train. Seriously though if you start feeling like somethings busted in there go in lest you end up paying the tab later as the insurance companies are famous for sliding out of things like that. You would be prudent to get X rayed Monday just in case theres something that shouldn't be getting moved around that can haunt you big time later on.
              Don't expect them to be overly forthcoming in their dealings in paying for your brothers car either. Clark Howard on his show said that the worst are Allstate and State Farm when it comes to paying out gracefully. The rest aren't so grand either. Consider carefully before you sign off on anything. They also in most states have to pay for a rental loaner while your brother gets another car or yours fixed. They might just "forget" to mention that...... Its funny how in the end it will seem like it was your fault for just being there. Your brother probably won't need a copy of the accident report, ( the cops just hate to give those up) since its a straight forward accident.
              Down the road it would be a good idea to have DMV or your insurance agent check the record of whoever was driving in your car. Insurance companies scan the DMV records for tickets and accidents and sometimes end up assigning points to the poor schmuck who was innocent in an accident. They tried that one on me once and I wasn't happy to have to beg the local PD for a police report so poorly written I had to explain it to the insurance company. Its amazing how much hassle there is for the innocent party at times. That has happened to me twice sitting just like you and it took a war just to get my car fixed right. Like I said it was your fault because you were there, go figure.


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                were glad that you and ur brother and friend are all ok..
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                  Wow....Sad news man...Good luck to you....


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                    Drunk drivers dont understand it when they are sober or drunk but to get into a car and drive after they have been drinking makes them one of the lowest forms of life that there is. Accidents while driveing drunk,not. To me its premeditated because you have to be a certain age to buy beer, whisky to start with the reason being in each state at a certain age you are considerd an adult which means you are old enough to know the driveing laws of that state and more important yet that drinking impairs your driveing. To me for a person to drink and drive is like that person saying to me I dont care if I kill you or your wife or son or daughter the main thing is the fun i will have while driveing drunk and breaking the law. Those people were old enough to know better in the first place why go easy on them. I had a 13 year old sister, day after her birthday and a friend of hers hit and killed by a drunk driver. He was caught a month later drinking and driveing again. My feelings are show no mercy for these scum of the earth they were old enough to know better the first time they drove drunk and hit something or someone. Just my two cents.


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                      Like others have said, its your lives that are importannt, things can be replaced. Don't let the guys insurance company get to you, my wife was hit a few months ago buy a guy who decided he wanted to turn right from a left turn lane becuse he had forgotten something at home. His insurance company refused to pay for part of the damage because after they took the fender off my wifes Volvo thay found some previous damage (we bought the car new so it must have happened at the dealers or on the transport). I was going to get a lawyer but she wanted her car back so I just payed the extra grand and walked away. Its good to hear that you, your brother & friends are ok.
                      Regards, George

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                        Got front eneded by a bigger truck last December. She was on the wrong side of the road, speeding, with four wheel on, in a snow storm. Saw her coming, tried to get out of the way, and managed to miss the phone pole and take a quarter shot rather than a straght on. Truck was totalled, had to break my way out (yup-I keep a wrecking bar in the cab) and froze may heinie off for hours while the cop and tow truck did their thing. Took me three days to get home.

                        The insurance STILL isn't settled. The police report indicated that she was on the wrong side and driving recklessly (though not wrecklessly ) and her ins co accepted blame. Well, I've spend about 100 hours that I've logged dealing with the ins (more actually). The insurance punked on the rental car so I had to eat that, their 'preffered' rental agency billed MY insuance company, to boot, AFTER I had alread paid, the devalued the truck due to accident damage, didn't pay that much, haven't provided the paperwork I need to close the insurance, and so on. Consequently, I'm driving the new inverter I had saved for . And this was with no injuries (though things did get a bit better after the 'ya know, my neck has really been bothering me for the last couple weeks' phone call to the ins adjuster)

                        The worst part: I kid you not, she was complaining because she broke a nail.

                        If you walked away, It's only money and time. Be thankful. I'v lost several people to 'accidents' and I'd go back to living on the street if it would bring them back.
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                          Sorry you were all put through such a terrible experience. Hope the girl will not have a bad scar and none of you have any hidden injuries. Sometimes rear-enders are worse than getting hit from the front. Rear seat frames can really knock you in the head.

                          Hope the guy was insured. The drunk that rear ended my daughter's new car-hadn't made any payments on it yet- didn't have insureance. He was running from a wreck back up the road and whipped into a left turn lane where my daughter was waiting at the light. Hit her car, broke a bone in her neck which required surgery, and drove two more blocks before the car quit. Some way later he skipped the area and disappeared. My daughter had un-insured motorist but had to sue her own insurance company later. They wouldn't total the car (around $12,000 damage) and insisted it be repaired. The repair shop boched the job, but covered up their uglyness. When the car was being traded for an new one, the dealer found there was so much wrong with the old car they severly discounted the value. My daughter had to go back on her insureance company and they finally made up the difference. Bunch of AHs.

                          Hey reedfish-the last notable drunk was the Republican senator from South Dakota that killed the guy on his Hog (Harley). Drunks come in all varieties.


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                            James D, Clark brings up a very good point. Most habitual dui' s don't have insurance. The ones who do have minimal coverage usually with a company assigned poor risks. In other words very crappy insurance. It would do everyone reading this some good to re-evaluate their auto insurance. Make sure you have more than adequate underinsured and uninsured coverage. It costs alot but in the end its your ***. Never count on anyone else (ie the other party involved) covering an accident. I would double check his insurance. Most drivers that I had to deal with when I was on the JOB displayed out of date insurance cards. We were forced to accept this info until we could contact the insurance carrier for proof of current insurance. I believe that the national statistics are that 55% of all vehicles are uninsured. This is the main reason the rates are horrendous. The few that pay are paying for all the drivers. Good luck and don't hesitate to see a neuro specialist if your back and neck act up, stay away from the orthopedic people. Uncrichie...


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                              All good advice from the posters. Bottom line is don't sign until you are satisfied.....
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