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    Hey there , I,m new to welding , I had recently purchased a hobart ironman 250 w/a spoolgun 3545 on layaway . my first question is, what amp breaker should i use? my 2nd is,what do you think about my purchase? and did i make the right choice? I,ll mostly be welding aluminum. thanks in advance ..

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    Owners manual recommends a 40 amp breaker. Did you get the right machine? This kind of depends on the thickness of aluminum that your wanting to weld. You will definately have no problem welding 1/4" aluminum. And you will have plenty of duty cycle available to you for welding 1/4" aluminum too. If Miller hadn t offered a free Spoolmate 3035 with the MM 210 last year at this time , I would have bought a Ironman 250. So, in my opinion, as long as your not wanting to weld thinner than 1/8" aluminum you made a good choice. However, I will for warn you that it is difficult to wirefeed weld 1/8" aluminum. The rate of travel is incredibly fast. Not impossible, it just takes a lot of practice. I didn t like the rate of travel though so I bought myself an Econotig for welding 1/8" aluminum.

    Also, I bet over half the guys on this site would love to have this machine.
    MigMaster 250- Smooth arc with a good touch of softness to it. Good weld puddle wetout. Light spatter producer.
    Ironman 230 - Soft arc with a touch of agressiveness to it. Very good weld puddle wet out. Light spatter producer.

    PM 180C

    HH 125 EZ - impressive little fluxcore only unit