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Powr-Mate 90 amp

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  • Powr-Mate 90 amp

    I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Mig Welder I have..

    It's a Powr-Mate 90 amp.. 120v
    It's tan with a brown lid.
    the lid opens on top and the spool lays flat on a spindle inside.
    It has a Tweco Mini-Mig gun and uses gas (not a flux core)..

    I don't know much else about it.

    I picked it up used from a friend about 9 years ago for $125

    I'd post a picture but my wife took the digital camera with her today..

    I haven't had any problems with it but if anything comes up it'll be nice to have some idea where it came from and how well it's built.
    Scott Schering

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    Your description sounds alot like a Schumacher that I had some years back, mine was of indifferent quality, but would most likely still be working had I not forgotten that it was sitting on the rear bumper of one of my trucks,I drove off down the highway hit a bump at speed, and watched the welder grenade itself.
    Does yours have the contactor, or is your gun always hot? Also did yours come with a holder for a gas bottle on the back? Mine had both.
    Schumacher made commercial battery chargers for along time, I don't know about how long they made welders, or if they are still in bussiness.
    work safe, always wear your safety glasses.

    Edward Heimbach


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      Thanks for the tips..

      Yes it does have a contactor and a bottle stand on the back.
      Here are some pics.. Click on them for a larger image.

      Yes I need to clean the garage.. Right now if I have something to work on I haul it out the the driveway.

      It had wheels before. the rear axle passed through the case and it had 2 castors in the front..

      since the bottle stand extends off the back behind the rear axle a large bottle would cause it tip backwards..

      The rear wheels were cracked so I just removed all the wheels and started working on a cart. I wound up taking an old cheep hand truck and turning it into a cart.. I still need to chop the frame of the cart and move the front castors up to the edge of the case.. right now if I take the bottle off it's nose heavy and will tip foreward.

      I also need to get some angle iron and build a box to hold the case better.. Right now it's bolted to the cart through the bottle rack If it gets tipped it'll wiggle around a bit..
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      Scott Schering