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  • Engine driven welders

    After the recent Ice storm event in this area , I have been seriously considering a generator.
    Not real happy with the usual 5k gensets the big box stores offer, so I have been leaning toward the likes of a Bobcat 250nt or Champ10k

    At a price differance of about $300, ( ) I was wondering the differance between the two.

    I look at this potential purchase as a dual purpose investment, the ability to have a more powerful welding platform ( The Bobcat is offered with the 3045 FC feeder and gun as a package ) I would be able to also power my current plasma cutter ( Cutmate 300 ) and could convert my wire feed back to mig.

    Adding a transfer switch to the house would allow me to power it when power is out.
    Looking as a way to keep the utility bill a little lower as well, pay up front for the gas.

    Any experiances and opinions would be welcome.


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    I have a Miller bobcat NT250. It is a great machine. You have the added benifit of going from AC-DC if you need that (Hobart is only DC). It puts out alot of juice and runs good. I believe the NT250 to be a slightly more versitle machine, but it depends on what you are going to do with it. I was able to find a place in southern ok that I got the miller for under $50 more than what I could find the Hobart for so I got the miller. I think you would be happy with either one. I know the miller will handle the mig aspect of your needs, not sure of the Hobart, but I don't see why it couldn't