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Pony'd up the cash and got it.

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  • Pony'd up the cash and got it.

    I was in my welding supply store on Saturday and was lured to the helmet section. I wanted a Speedglas, but they did not have the one I wanted in stock so I got this one:

    I like it a lot and appreciate the internal adjustments. It is nice not to have to flip down the lens.

    BTW, why does the instruction say to not go below 11 for MIG if you are using a lower output? It say you can do that for all other processes, but not MIG?! Any ideas?
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    I am no expert, but I believe in some instances lower output mig welding will sometimes not trip the auto darkening sensor. I would not think that the shade would have much to do with that though. I know that I cannot weld with my helmet at less than an 11 when I am wire welding because it is too bright for me. If all else fails call the company. Most of the companies (especially Jackson products ) that make these shades are VERY helpfull and want to make sure their product works.


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      Cool helmet, who makes it?
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        That is sold under the miller name, but I am not sure who makes them. I think they are similar to the hobart autos.

        I got one just like the picture, and I am pretty happy with it. Havent gotten flashed (yet) and its really lightweight.