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"Pancake" Welding Shield

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  • "Pancake" Welding Shield

    Ok guys I was surfing the net and found an address for a site that does not work. But in the cache it made reference in the search for a "pancake" welding shield. What is this animal. I have never heard of or seen one.


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    I did a search for "pancake mask" and came up with a pancake filter for a respirator.

    Manufacturer: North (Item #RP75FFP100)
    Price: $4.00 / pack

    The only other thing that would fit the description would be a round hand mirror shaped welding filter that could be held in front of the face. It wouldn't provide much protection from splatter. It would also have to be large enough to block UV.


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      I think the pancake welding shield that you are referring to here are the ones that a lot of pipeliners in this area use. They are not a welding hood but rather like a round fiber type disk with something similar to cutting torch goggles mounted to it. My son has one of them I don't know exactly where he bought his at. It has been several months since I saw it very closely. He likes it pretty well.


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        From what I have read in the past.. they are common for pipeliners. If your out in the sun working, they dont let light come in the back because they have a goggle type filter. I saw some on ebay a while ago made partly from wood. From what I remember the goggle part was wood and this allowed the person buying it to shape it so that it fit their face perfectly.



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          The Pancake is a welding shield used primarily by Pipeliners. Some are flat some are L- shaped. The L-shape will have a right or left side. The side is to keep spatter off your face and out of your ear. The weldor does wear it like cutting goggles.
          The most important aspect of the pancake is it's weight . A weldor hooked up all day with his head tilted sideways does not want a heavy jackson on his head pulling on his or her neck muscles.


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            Thanks for the replies just wanted to know what one was.



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              I contacted my son about the pancake welding helmet, where he bought his and how much and also the advantages and disadvantages of it. Here is what he gave me on information about his.

              (I Bought my hood at Sooner Air Gas for about 65.00. The advantages are they are lighter and block the light from getting in the hood because it has the wood around your eyes, which the other hoods are open in the back and when the sun hits the back side of your hood it glares through your lens and makes it harder to see what you are doing).


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                And they keep sparks out of your eyes, and they are very comfortable, and they don't come off when you are out of position, and they let the breeze in, and they just look cool. We use them 99% of the time.

                Several small companies make them. I believe the first was built by the late George Gilchrist just after WWII. He made them into the 90's.

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