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Nuisance breaker tripping - TIG

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  • Nuisance breaker tripping - TIG

    I am experiencing occasional breaker tripping using my TIG machine. This happens while I'm welding as well as the HF start up. Can the HF backfeed to the breaker and trip them? Details:
    machine: Hobart TR 300-HF
    breaker: 125 amp
    Welding setting: midrange set about 80A, HF start only, DCEN
    Thanks for any ideas on trouble shooting.

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    Same problem, I think.

    In my case it was noise ( HF ) on the ground wire. It fools the GCFI breaker into thinking that current is running in the ground wire and tripping the circuit. Running a ground wire from my welding table to the main panel's ground rod ( my case, cold water pipe ) fixes the problem.

    Well, it actually reduces the tripping to only occassionally happening when I'am welding above ~160 Amps. For me, this has been liveable.

    On the other hand, your trouble could be entirely different.

    Hope this helps. Fred.


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      Thanks for your reply. MY 125 A breaker is not a GFCI type but the HF may still be the problem. I talked with an electrical inspector and she suggested that I install a breaker with an adjustable (magnetic) feature so that I can decrease the sensitivity of the breaker. I just finished a TIG class at the local JVS (best $240 I have spent in a long time) and will be using using the home unit more now. I will let you know what I do with the breaker situation.
      Thanks again,


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        I don't think the HF would cause your problem. The machine you are using has a large transformer in it and the in rush current has to be very high.
        If you could pick up a fuse or a slow blow fuse I would try this first. The fuse will handle more than the circuit breaker.


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          Had the same problem a while back, 60amp on tig and the 20amp on chop saw. Changed them out with Semens brand and no more trips (ahem..) to the breaker box. Seems original brand was not very good. The HF would not be a factor in a mechanical breaker. Good luck.