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Bad idea to paint (epoxy) shop/garage floor?

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    Originally posted by MAC702 View Post
    I flagged the above post for spam, but since the thread was bumped:

    Make sure you buy the SOLVENT-based epoxy floor coating. Rust-Oleum makes three grades of epoxy floor coating; their most expensive is the Professional Grade, and it's the solvent-based one. The others are water-based. I'd have never guessed they could both be considered epoxy.

    I've got the kits to do my floors, but haven't done it yet. But I did do a LOT of research and glad I learned the difference.
    Why is one better than the other? ( had water-based for about 12 years, and still looks good).


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      I can't give you personal feedback, as I won't do the water-based one in order to make a comparison. But I read a ton of reviews on Amazon and am passing on a very common consensus. It probably depends greatly on what you are doing with it. A lot of people were very unhappy with the water-based one, especially after finding out that there IS a difference that they didn't even know they had a choice.