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    Hi there ye old welding experts, I have been using a harbor freight 90 amp mig welder for 2 years now, and dispite a few somewhat disparaging comments on the quality of harbor freight products, to a good deal of success. I have modified the welder by adding a large fan next to the diode bridge to increase the duty cycle on the 90 amp setting from about 7% to well over 75% ( i have never tripped the high temp cut out with the fan installed). The only issue I have with this welder is the trigger switch on the welding gun is very stiff. Stiff to the point when after a minute or two of welding my fingeres are very sore and it effects the quality of the weld. I have taken the gun appart and have not had much success in reducing the pressure required to fully enguage the switch. Can someone reccomend a manufacture and model of a gun I can purchase to replace this gun? A direct fit would be nice, but I would not mind a little adaptation.
    P.S. I exclusively use the gas mode, no flux core wire


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    HTP America sells MIG guns for lots of different welders.


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      Just a crazy idea, lengthen the switch lever alittle. Roughen the plastic, use epoxy and a clothes pin. The extra length should make it alot easier.

      I told you it was crazy.
      It's not an optical just looks like one


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        When I saw Miller Road Show every MIG gun had trigger extension lever something like Al T. is talking about. Those levers had 2 ea 90 degree bends to form a step so bottom of lever was pulled to handle. Worked great.